Company Profile


We are a shipping company established since 2012 in Nevis island, specializing in gas carrier , commercial vessel, sales and construction, brokerage and international trading.

Operating in all major markets and monitoring the technological developments and the ever-changing market and trade trends we focus our business on the following vessel types:

  • gas carriers
  • ro ro
  • container
  • bulk carriers
  • multi purpose
  • tug boats
  • tankers


With continuous quality controls in more than 40 elements and traces the cleanest water on the planet

Respecting the client:

After continuous quality verify in more than 30 sources and bottling companies we offer the most precious commodity in the market offer an excellent opportunity for cooperation

  • Seriously, Consistency and Responsiveness
  • Absolute quality control in more than 40 elements and minerals
  • Immediate response
  • Various Delivery methods
  • Absolute meet deadlines
  • Best price in the market in terms of quality
  • With continuous exports and sales around the world
  • Absolute customer satisfaction